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                                              A400 Upland (no kick-off)

The A400 Upland is the very first Beretta shotgun featuring an innovative wood stock. The nickel plated receiver is completed by an exquisite game scene engraving. The new design of the pistol grip and forend improves the gun comfort and enhances the overall look and slim new design. The Upland is a great combination of the latest technologies with a classic look, for all the hunters that are looking for the best shooting experience.


Barrel length: 24/26/28/30 in.

Chamber: 3" in.

Choke: OCHP

Gauge: 12

Rib: 6x6



A400 BLACK.png
A400 MARSH.png

                    A400 XTREME PLUS                                                                                      A400 XTREME PLUS MARSH 

The A400 XTREME semiauto shotgun is today’s most advanced of its kind. It reliably feeds every kind of 12-gauge shell from steel to lead, from 2 ¾” to 3 ½”. It is capable of firing 4 shots in less than one second, and it is extremely soft-recoiling and pleasant to shoot, no matter the type of shell or the length of your hunting or sporting day. Also, it is impeccably balanced and follows your eye naturally to that fast-moving pheasant or clay target, while being quick and easy to field strip and maintain after a long day in the field. The A400 action gives you the fastest follow-up shots on the market. Thanks to the unique Blink technology, it shoots 36% quicker than any other type of semiauto shotgun, meaning that while your friend’s action is still cycling, you will already have downed that second bird. While having vault-like strength, it is light and compact, so that the vertical distance between your dominant eye and your supporting hand is kept to a minimum, thereby greatly increasing your chances of hitting the target. Also, the top of the action is equipped with built-in rails, so that you can easily mount the optics of your choice for turkey or deer season, without any gunsmithing.


Barrel length: 26/28/30 in.

Chamber : 3" 1/2in.

Choke: OCHP

Gauge: 12

Rib: 6x6

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